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Latimer Homes

Latimer is the private sale home building arm of Clarion Housing Group, developing homes for private sale in thriving mixed use communities.

Clarion Housing Group is the UK’s largest provider of affordable housing, owning over 125,000 homes with over 350,000 residents across the country. Being part of Clarion Housing Group gives it an unrivalled balance sheet with net assets of over £7bn and a turnover of close to £1bn per annum.

We build communities that work for the long-term and we have been developing for over 100 years. The Clarion story started with William Sutton, a 19th century entrepreneur who gifted his entire fortune (£175million in today’s money) to build affordable housing across the major cities in the UK. We have been delivering on his legacy ever since.

The majority of homes we build will always be for affordable tenures, but building homes for private sale is crucial for our business to develop both mixed sustainable communities and recycling any profits we make from private sales back into building and maintaining more affordable homes.

What sets Latimer apart is our long-term commitment to the people who live in our homes. We don’t build and then simply move onto the next site; we create thriving places for families to enjoy and all of our work is built on strong financial foundations, meaning we are a dependable partner.

We also want every Latimer community to be socially and environmentally sustainable. That means a consistent commitment to high quality and low carbon properties.

Our model is very different to other developers. We don’t have shareholders, so we don’t face short-term demands to make profit at any cost. Instead, we are driven by our commitment to quality, community and places that succeed.

As a group we have a committed development pipeline of over 16,000 new homes and have ambitions to become a top ten home builder in the UK over the next 5-7 years .

If you buy a Latimer home you will be buying into an organisation with more than 100 years of history and an enduring commitment to building communities that succeed.

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